External Wall & Roof Panels

The Modular Panel Systems EXO-CLAD range of insulated Wall and Roof Panels offer architects, designers and specifiers an increasing range of of options in external cladding. 

The EXO-CLAD panel allows for versatility and flexibility of design layout and the ability to construct whole panel units around door and window openings. 

The EXO-CLAD panel is comprised of pre-coated steel weather and liner sheets auto-adhesively bonded to a Rockwool or PIR core and demonstrate exceptional thermal performance, structural integrity, sound insulation and resistance to damage.

An inspiring selection of profile finishes is avaialble in a choice of attractive colours.

modular EXO-CLAD Panel

Available in TRAPEZOIDAL

The MPS 50 – 150 – EWS range of Modular EXO-CLAD insulated panels are manufactured under ISO9001/2015.  The EXO-CLAD Wall / Roof Panel is a through fix 1000mm wide panel which can be installed both vertical and horizontal and may be specified for use on all types of structures. Horizontal construction minimises the risk of thermal bowing, allowing for a more durable life span.  Sealed joints allow both vertical and horizontal arrangements to remain weather proof for the products lifespan. 

The Modular EXO-CLAD Wall / Roof Panels is available in Rockwool or PIR and a choice of 50, 60, 80,  100, 125 and 150mm insulation cores.

  • Our Modular EXO-CLAD Rockwool Wall Panel gives U-values of up to 0.27w/m2k.
  • Our Modular EXO-CLAD PIR Wall Panel gives U-values of up to 0.16w/m2k.