We manufacture and supply a wide range of accessories to compliment our insulated panel and door product range.

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PVC Strip Curtains

We supply and install PVC Strip Curtains for use in practically all areas of industrial applications.  They are partically effective in areas such as production areas, loading bays, packaging areas of food plants and chenical plants.

Stip Curtains are also used to minimise heat loss from cold structures and chill areas which sliding doors are in open positions.  Because of their transparancy they are a safe addition to all factory areas.

Technical Specification:
Curtain:             Transpararant soft PCV
Strips:                 Width:                                     200mm, 300mm, 400mm
                              Thickness:                              Standard 2mm
                              Lenght:                                   Cut to size of opening
                              Temperature Range:          -45degrees C to +60 degress C
                              Thermal Conductivity:        0.14 w/m degress C
Top Fittings:     Aluminium Fittings

Window Units

We supply and install Window Units for use in practically all industrial applications.  They are ideal for production offices, laboratories, office units and supervisors offices in food production plants or pharmaceutical plants.
Made from strong PVC and no shatter glass our window units provide a hygienic durable and safe addition to your facotry or office area.  Manufactured to suit exact customer requirements, they are available in clear or tinted glass.

Technical Specification:
Frame:              White uPVC 60mm fully reinforced
Glass:                 Double glazed with 6mm laminated glass, 10mm air space and 6mm double glazed 
                            laminated glass
                            This glass is a 22mm double laminated unit
Flashings:         Stainless Steel or PVC coated white or various other colours to suit particular applications

Panel Accessories

We supply a wide range of accessories to compliment our panel product range.

  • Ridge Capping
  • GRP Rooflights
  • Top Hat Sections
  • Boundary Wall Gutter
  • Valley Gutter
  • Verge Flashing
  • Drip Flashing
  • External Angles
  • Internal Angles
  • Z Flashing
  • U Channells
  • Ceiling Grid Capping
  • Aluminium Grid Capping

Door Accessories

We supply a wide range of accessories to compliment our door product range.

  • Door Hinges
  • Door Handles
  • Door Gaskets & Infills
  • Door Fasteners
  • Sliding Door Rollers
  • Sliding Door Track & Insert
  • Door Closers
  • Guide Rails & Door Floor Guides
  • Curtain Material & Fixing Systems
  • Automatic Door Modules (Timber)
  • Automatic Doors – Transmitters & Receivers
  • Door Spool Units
  • Electrical Heating Cables
  • Electrical Junction Boxes
  • Door Strikes & Stoppers
  • Door Packer Shims
  • Emergency Break Glass Bolt
  • Panic Latches
  • Threaded Bar (S. Steel &  Zn Coated)
  • Flashband
  • Heavy Duty Polystyrene Floor Insulation