> Who is the most traveled person of the world?

Who is the most traveled person of the world?

Posted at: 2015-06-07 
To pass examinations, certificates are required and only Kashi Samaddar has these. He is still the first to travel all countries and the only person in the World holding maximum records of Travel sector & eyeing for more. He is certified by Guinness World records, World Amazing Records, World Records Academy, Asia book of records, Limca book of records, India book of records & others.

Question is for World, not Space. Since BC, the World has seen many great travelers as Adventurers & Explorers like Megasthenes, Magellan, Captain Cook, Fa Hien, Amundsen, Columbus, Vasco Da Ga Ma, Huen Tsang, Gulliver (Story/ Film), Captain Nemo (Story/ Film 20000 Leagues under the sea), Marco polo, Ibn Batuta, Kashi Samaddar, Jeff Shea, Charles Velley, Okhwan Yoon, Tom Stuker, Graham Hughes, Matt & so on.

But Multinational executive Kashi Samaddar stalled career and traveled remote locations of all continents, Arctic, Antarctic, Countries, States for his hunger to see more & benefit people with sustainable World Peace through Tourism & Equal Visa for all nationalities. At personal level, he also raised awareness on Global warming, a concern for children & future generations. He and other World Travelers from all continents gave accurate & free Visa guidance (Important tool for World Travel in this century) for 05 yrs, pushed equal Visa and a large number of people are indirectly benefiting from his great initiatives, increasing the World Tourism. Obviously, some Media spoke high of him.

Recognized by World bodies, Kashi Samaddar is the most travelled person of the World.

Fred Finn visited 139 countries. Most traveled Guinness certificate of John Clause was cancelled. Mike Spencer, John Titor, Jeff Shea, Charles Velley did not qualify for Guinness World Records.

Kashi Samaddar traveled all countries & states. He is certified by Guinness & other record books since first World record of visiting all countries on 27th May 2008.

As per evidences and available information, 04 times World record holder Kashi Samaddar is the most traveled person of the World.

Kashi Samaddar, Jeff Shea, Charles Velley & may be Graham Hughes. Jeff spent over US$ 3.0 Million, Kashi over US$ 2.0 Million, Charles over US$ 1.0 Million. All are most traveled but Kashi seems did more and holding 04 world records in Travels, probably the only person.

The question is right. Mr Fred Finn got it almost 30 yrs ago by visiting 139 countries from Guinness World Records. He could not visit all countries. There after few people travelled and claiming as most travelled person of the World, so world would like to know who actually it is?

It is also good question and effort to spoil is bad.

My reply to question: There are many unique travellers like Kashi Samaddar, Jeff Shea, Charles Velley, Fred Finn, Sir David, Okhwan Yoon, John Clause and few more. Fred Finn could not travel to all countries. Jeff, John Clause or Charles could not satisfy Guinness.

It is only Kashi Samaddar who has visited all countries, States, important territories, Atolls etc. He is certified by World Amazing records, Guinness World records, World records Academy, Asia book, Limca book, India book of records & others.

So, I vote for Kashi.

I will rate Jeff Shea, Kashi Samaddar, Charles Velly, Mike Spencer Bown, Tom Stuker though Kashi is first to travel the 195th country South Sudan on 09th July 2011 and entered into World record books.

Graham Hughes is caught by Guinness for sneaking in Russia and disqualified though Daily mail gave him much publicity on 27th Nov 2012 as British man becomes first person to visit all 201 countries. Graham agreed to wrong doing. He was also jailed in some country. It creates doubt that he might have used air also! Anyway, after several months on 15th Oct 2013 Daily Mail published that British man Mr James Asquith is first person to visit all 196 countries. This means countries have reduced from 201 to 196? It it possible? Both of them failed to enter Guinness. We all now that the world has 195 countries (Taiwan still not considered) and Kashi is first person to travel all 195 countries and there is no new country after South Sudan as on date. Such is their reporting for Travel which unfortunately copied by several media even in India and children are reading wrong. Daily mail virtually insulted the Guinness records holder Kashi Samaddar on his 03rd World record as if it was photo competition without praising his mission, visa difficulties etc. Daily mail and these Medias should correct mistakes and say Truth. The record of Mr Graham Hughes for travelling all countries, is dropped already, also he has 04 passport booklets- much less compared to others. So, it would be Jeff, Kashi or Charles though Jeff said that Charles have done many transits which are not actually visits.

Yes, Daily Mail and Graham is damaging the society for making money through advertisements. It is bad ethics and I think Medias must correct who did mistakes.

For Kashi, we saw through TV channels, press and You Tube that he has many many good videos/ photos around the world which he wanted to sell for recovering some expensesas he didnot take donation. Remark of Daily mail & some of its associates in Australia is sad. I heard Aus Radio Australia broadcasting him with honour together with many journals, in most countries including Guardian UK.

Ibon Batuta, a Muslim traveler from Morocco traveled Africa, part of Asia and China only. He was helped by Delhi, India ruler to continue journey.

For most traveled, I like to add names like Sir David, Australia and Mr Okhwan Yoon, South Korea. Okhwan is first person traveled all countries without using aircraft (used Cycle).

Kashi Samaddar visited all countries, states, important territorries and Atolls filling 18 jumbo passport booklets for almost 35 yrs and presently the only person in the World holding four World records certified by World bodies including Guinness- so he scores highest. I vote for Kashi.

Kashi Samaddar

On earth: The guy driving the blue Volkswagon Beetle that has been around the world 4 times.

You could make a big argument for those in the International Space Station or in Muir, who broke records of time spent in orbit, circling our planet every 50 minutes.

Pasta Bella is probably right. It depends how you define 'travel'. In the Middle Ages the Arab Ibn Batutta was the most travelled person on Earth.

You all forgot the best, Heinz Stucke.

kashi samaddar